training courses

including shortage professions.

training courses.

The Randstad consultants can easily spot individual or professional learning opportunities. Their extensive knowledge of the educational range is an important asset. From their key position between the candidate and the training course, they can provide you with advice, help you get oriented, and facilitate right from the start. Including for shortage professions that are difficult to fill.




shortage profession

Can’t get those shortage positions or ‘burning seats’ filled? Randstad Academy has the perfect solution. Our inquisitive and motivated candidates filter out the position that suits them the best from the range. The candidate and the future employer will have their first introduction after a thorough screening. Did he/she give the green light? Then the candidate will receive a specific offer and a targeted training programme tailor-made for the job. Randstad uses this innovative approach to provide a continuous, national influx of candidates who have the necessary competences and can fill your burning seats relatively quickly.


safety is vital.

Increasingly, work is associated with shifting challenges. New developments are emerging, workers need to be induced, and people want to develop personally and professionally. In increasingly complex industrial processes, safety is vital.

training is a relevant consideration.

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recognised certificate.

Those who attend courses have their efforts rewarded with a recognised certificate. If required, we can develop a customised solution for your company.