known digital tools.

We dare to say that with our digital tools we are a front-runner. Now, due to the current social distancing measure, these tools are used even more intensively to keep in touch with each other, to continue to deliver good and correct work for all customers, temporary workers and colleagues involved.  

Now, even more than a few weeks ago, our existing, tight connection with Google offers us the opportunity to fully take advantage of various digital means of communication. Our consultants continue to be the indispensable link between temporary workers and companies. Only in a different way. And we keep taking the time to get to know each other better. That benefits everyone, yesterday, today, tomorrow and all the tomorrows to come. 

Our guidance and coaching of candidates and temps continues with the same drive, until further notice, while our consultants 'just' work from home. With fast access to all systems, just like at the office. Accessible and available. We continue to give our temps tips & tricks as always to get the best out of themselves for their next job. We keep the lines open to share important work-related information with them, even in times of need. A healthy and safe working environment has always received our attention, now even more so. And in our existing app, temporary workers can continue to pass on their availability.

The same goes for our customer companies: many steps of the temping process run efficiently and transparently thanks to excellent technology and high-performance tools. Name it and we've got a digital route for it.