Looking for a job? Try temping for Randstad. Temping work has many benefits, and is completely legal.

If you're looking for a job, temporary work is an attractive option. It's completely legal, and you earn money whichever way suits you best: full-time, part-time or weekends only. But temping jobs have other advantages too:

    • you can take your first steps in the employment market
    • you can gain experience
    • you can find out which jobs suit you
    • you can fit your work around the rest of your life
    • you will be paid properly.

In many cases, your assignment will last long enough to give you a real feel for the company where you are working. And for many temps, an assignment opens the door to a permanent contract.

Is temping for you?
Then choose Randstad. As Belgium's largest employment agency, we have the widest range of jobs in your region. Moreover, you can expect a personal approach: your Randstad consultant will only suggest assignments that really suit you. So go for it!