Suitable profiles in the construction sector? These are growing scarcer every day. That's why the Randstad consultants are going the extra mile to fill these job openings. Have they found a promising candidate, but it's someone who doesn't quite fit the profile? Then a targeted training programme may be the right solution. Marius Arteni (42) followed the VDAB course 'Nederlands op de Werkvloer' (Dutch in the workplace) and was then able to sign a full-time contract with the Van der Velden construction company as a driver/warehouse worker.

Marius Arteni is from Romania, but has been living in Belgium for over seven years now. His CE driving licence got him a temporary job as a driver for Van der Velden Bouwmaterialen. HR manager Sara Van Waelderen: “We recruited Marius because of his innate drive, good references, and skills. Van der Velden was quite satisfied with his attitude, which is why they wanted to offer him a full-time contract soon after. But that would have meant more contact with customers, and his Dutch wasn't good enough for that. That's why the HR service proposed that he boost his understanding.”

language coach in the warehouse

The VDAB's 'Nederlands op de Werkvloer' (Dutch in the workplace) course was the perfect solution. A language coach worked with Marius in the warehouse for two months. “I learned a lot of professional jargon – specific vocabulary for naming the building materials,” says Marius. “It was a big help because I can already speak a lot more fluently with customers and colleagues, which makes my job that much more enjoyable for me, too.”

pathway to a full-time contract

He's gotten his full-time contract in the meantime. This happens at Randstad a lot more often than you might think; over half the job openings in the construction sector have a 'full-time' option.

Sara Van Waelderen explains, “In a market that is growing increasingly scarcer over time, companies are quick to say, 'Okay, if you find a promising candidate, who is a match with our corporate culture, we will consider hiring them full-time'.”

offering opportunities

As a temporary employment agency, Randstad is the missing link between employer and employee. The purpose is to see what the needs are at each company and what the best solution is. Plus, we must offer each employable candidate the maximum amount of opportunities to quickly find work. Sara Van Waelderen: “We have a great understanding of the market. Because of this, we know perfectly which candidate we can link to which company, even if this person doesn't perfectly meet the required profile. For example, we know companies that have a training-based culture and we take a lot of initiatives ourselves. Among other things, we train people in the transport sector who already have a B driving licence in obtaining their CE driving licence. To do this, we work together with three external partners: the VDAB, VAB driving school, and RiseSmart. We do our utmost to build as many bridges as possible and fill gaps in the labour market.”

croup chats in Dutch

And Marius Arteni? He's very happy with his contract.

“I've already recommended Randstad to a lot of my friends. Some of them already have a full-time job now, too. And I keep practising my Dutch: I go to a weekly group chat after work.”

Are you dreaming too of getting a full-time contract as a driver?