Have you ever heard of the 'human alarm clock'? Last century, that would have been someone who came by every morning to tap your window with a stick, so that you'd be sure to make it in to work on time. Believe it or not, but that was actually a job!

That is, until the modern alarm clock made its debut.

The rapid evolution of technology in recent years has already led to the demise of a whole host of professions. There's a good chance that this trend will only continue. Or there's the likelihood that new professions that don't exist yet will be created[AV1] . And all the while, other jobs will continue on as always, century in and century out.

Whether you're considering what you'd like to study, are interested in making a career switch, or are simply curious: the professions that have a chance of sticking around and those that might disappear are listed below.

at risk of disappearing:

1. chauffeur

Why? The rise of the self-driving car. Lorries and taxis will no longer require drivers. That will take some getting used to, but there are also advantages. Self-driven cars never get tired when they're on the road.

2. collaborateur de caisse

Why? Self-scan checkout. These are already being used, and they show that you don't necessarily need people to scan items and take you through the checkout process. The robot voice saying 'Would you like a receipt with that?' is something we will want to hear. The only thing that's a shame is the lack of human contact.

3. translator

Why? Google Translate. It might be another programme that everyone currently looks down on, but it won't be long before it's the go-to translation assistant for every text - written or spoken. What about learning a language? There's no need for it any longer. Just stick a tiny device in your ear and you'll enjoy instant translation for every possible language.


jobs with staying power:

1. dentist

Why? How does a dental robot equipped with drills, saws and chisels close to your mouth sound to you? Terrifying, right? And fortunately it's not part of the dental profession's near future. That's because where our teeth are concerned, we still prefer to put our trust in a human being.


2. crèche personnel

Why? There are already robots caring for the elderly. But where your baby or toddler is concerned, especially during his or her formative years, this just seems like a bridge too far. We'll pass on AI-assisted first steps, or monotone bleeps as first words.


3. psychologist

Why? We expect empathy from a psychologist, which just so happens to be precisely what a robot (still currently) lacks. You want someone who empathises with you when you're sharing, who gets the essence of who you are. You want a person who knows what it feels like to ram your pinky toe against a table leg and suffer pain.


future proof

Roses wither and jobs perish. That's why you have to make yourself future proof . And make sure you never end up being our generation's 'human alarm clock'.


Are you looking for a job that – currently still – exists?