Have you already lost sight of your good intentions for 2018? That's not so crazy. Research shows that more than 70% of the people who have good intentions lose sight of them after the first week, almost all within a month. Good intentions are not the ultimate solution, but what is? How do you ensure that you retain the feeling that you are growing and developing, not stagnating but moving ahead and climbing up?

Lots of people quickly think about a promotion, a salary increase or even a new job. These are the solutions that anyone would give you to feel motivated once again. But try to find a solution that's closer to home. How can you fall in love with your current job once again? How do you create your own happiness at work? That starts with yourself.

Look around; what do you really like about your job? Try to focus on these things and discuss this with your colleagues. Perhaps they prefer the other things and you can divide up the tasks. It's important to understand that there are fun and less fun aspects to every job. The best thing you can do is ensure a win-win situation. That way you and your colleagues can focus on what you really enjoy doing!

'Nice, but this isn't possible at my workplace', is a response that I often hear. Don't think inside the box; talk to your manager about it. Managers are often open to new ideas; they will value your ideas and implement them (if it's something they can work with). Display ownership and show yourself. You'll see that much more is possible when you make an effort and show that both you and the organisation can grow.

Invest in your relationship with colleagues. The Friday afternoon drink might be a cliché, but clichés are there for a reason. Have a wine or a beer, get talking and have some fun. You have standing plans on Fridays? Try organising a teamevent. Gather everybody together for dinner out and get to know your colleagues in a new way. You'll see that you have much more in common than you thought and you'll enjoy going to work once more. Working becomes more fun if you get on with your colleagues. You'll also notice that if you are open and social, it's possible that colleagues think of you when that new project comes in that you have been looking forward to. Again, win-win!

Challenge yourself, because only you can change things for yourself. Before you know it, you'll be whistling on your way to work!