Employees don't just have to let their careers happen. However, they are not always sufficiently aware of this and may fail to take the appropriate action.The 10 career tips below, will give you more inspiration on how you can take control of your own career. 

10 career tips

    1. The sooner you gain competencies in your career the better. Acquired competences lie at the basis of new ones. Those who start to lag behind struggle to catch up again.
    2. 1+1=3. Combine your two specialities. Such a combination will make you unique and will give you a stronger position on the job market.
    3. Consider combining two jobs. This is a way to spread the risk and it increases your employability on the job market.
    4. Be sure to stop and make a thorough assessment at least once in your career. Consider a second career. In doing so, think about the long term.
    5. It's easier to find a new job when you are employed.
    6. When you think how important work is for your identity it is worth taking some time to think about it regularly.
    7. Keep updating your network throughout your career.
    8. The maximum length of most jobs is eight years, unless the content of the job changes considerably.
    9. Keep benchmarking your competences with the external job market throughout your career. Always keep an eye on where could you could move to on the job market. Always be sure to have a plan B. You can use this if plan A (your current job) is in jeopardy.
    10. “Every cloud has a silver lining". A period of involuntary unemployment can be beneficial if the time available is invested to gain new competences.

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