to work.

long-time job-seekers.

After a varied career, Juan found himself unemployed just before he turned 50. It will take him three years to return to work, a period during which he has reviewed his ambitions: his new job would serve a good cause.


returning to work: long-time job seekers.

‘all I wanted was an opportunity to prove myself.’

returning to work after a serious illness.

After a long course of treatment and her recovery from an aggressive form of breast cancer it was neither physically nor mentally an option for Lydia (61) to return to her job as a career coach at Randstad.

returning to work: over 50.

‘I sometimes had the impression that my age was an obstacle.'

Marc was forced to look for a new job after his previous employer underwent a restructuring.  He hadn’t applied for a job since 1985 and had never written a CV.


returning to work after a illness: tips for employers.

‘Keep in contact with your sick employee, avoid breaking all ties’, is the advice of Katrien Kerckhove, HR manager at Randstad Group.

returning to work: employees over 50.

Are you over 50 and starting to apply for a new job? Don’t fall into the trap of considering your age as an obstacle. Exploit its advantages.’‘ Inge Rijcken, Career Coach RiseSmart