“making people happy makes me happy too.”  

making people happy, makes me happy too.

I have been working for Randstad Service Cheques since 2008 and I feel really good in this job.  I have a great relationship with my clients and we mean a great deal to each other. The help I give them in their household makes them happy and the gratitude I receive from them – in both word and deed – motivates me to deliver high-quality work every day.

My life is enriched by these social contacts. I work for lots of different clients, both older people and young families. For some of my clients, my help is indispensable because they cannot do these things for themselves any more, while for others it is a welcome aid that gives them more free time to spend with their family. Flexibility and reliability are my strong points, my clients can depend on me.  I try to listen closely to them and meet their expectations as well as possible. That gives me a reassuring feeling. Whenever I close the door behind me and see happy faces, I feel happy and proud of myself.”