seeking and finding work in the labour market.

belgian labour market

How companies search for employees on the labour market and how job seek-ers search for a new job remains an interesting but strongly underexposed research topic.

Both companies and job seekers use a broad range of channels to search for and find work. Just knowing which channels are used by whom and how successful they are, provides important information to all the stakeholders in the job market. The most obvious question is what impact do these digital networks have at this time. How often are they used as a search resource and, more importantly, how often do they lead to a new job, whether in combination with another channel or not?


This unique Randstad Research-survey provides information on how job seekers search and find jobs in the following countries: Belgium, France, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Spain, UK, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan, Singapore, Canada, USA, Argentina, Hong Kong, China, Switzerland, Hungary, Sweden, Russia, Portugal, Malaysia, Luxembourg, Brazil, Greece, Czechia, Austria, Norway, Romania, Ukraine.