csr policy.

social responsibility.

Corporate social responsibility is really important for Randstad. Our activities must always have a positive impact on society as a whole. It inspires us to lead them, both inside and outside our professional sector, in a responsible way, also to use our knowledge and experience to bring a positive contribution to the world around us.

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diversity at randstad.

Our team of Diversity specialists set up customized, hands-on diversity projects. We also advise you on how implement diversity in your business.

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VSO volunteer.

The VSO project is one of the possibilities that Randstad offers both its own and external workers for enhancing their career, passing on their expertise and enjoying a very special work and life experience!




Silvie worked for 9 months as Recruitment Manager at VSO Malawi. VSO Malawi is working on multiple fronts to support the most vulnerable compatriots. Focus areas are education, health and agriculture. Where previously the recruitment from the regional hub in South Africa was driven, from 2016 the role of Country Recruitment Manager was created. Silvie therefore had the opportunity to respond well to the local needs and to develop a new recruitment and sourcing strategy.  She recruited domestic and foreign volunteers for different projects.


Our approach towards CSR reflects our core activity - achieving a perfect match between people and work. Because our philosophy is defined as “the simultaneous defense of all interest of all parties concerned” (stakeholders). This means that at all times, we respect our values and ethical commitment.